Help Boomer dash and float through a precision platformer above the clouds.

Collect fragments to unlock shrines and rebuild his world. Hand crafted challenges, unlock secrets and piece together an adventure through bright, colorful and an inspiring pixel art alongside an 8-Bit Synth Soundtrack.

  • Dash & Float mechanics
  • 8-Bit Inspired Soundtrack
  • Bright and beautiful pixel art landscape
  • Challenging hand-crafted levels
  • Precision Platforming

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Boomer is a fun, precision platformer that features classic platforming mechanics and introduces the ability to perform an in-air dash and float that share the same stamina bar. Timing your traversal and combining the mechanics before your stamina bar runs out requires perfect timing and dexterity.

Collect hidden treasures and power ups for extra boost and expanded powers.


Boomer is inspired by retro pixel art while using bright and warm color palettes and gradients. Navigate a beautiful, bright, vast and atmospheric world above the clouds. 


Boomer will set out on an adventure to discover new abilities and worlds as he searches for the broken fragments. Collect the broken fragments to unlock shrines that teleport you into the next level. The fragments combined will power all the shrines needed to reopen the portal that leads you back home and being balance the torn fabric of the universe. 

  • Created By: Joshua Rivera
  • Developed By: Joshua Rivera
  • Published By: North Game Studio
  • Releases: Steam (Coming Soon), (Coming Soon)
  • Website:
  • Price: TBD
  • Language: English
  • ESRB:
  • Press Contact: